A Ponderance

I have a friend on Facebook that I'm seriously considering un-friending. I wonder if Emily Post has anything to say about how one goes about this. See, we're not buds, but we exchange Christmas cards and we were suitemates in college for a year and I like her, genuinely. But. And this is a big but, at least for me, she has bascially basted herself in the Obama Kool-Aid. And while that's fine, that's her choice and it's something we'll all have to just suck up to some degree or another for the next 4 years she is just waaaay over the top with it on Facebook. And I get really annoyed to see my whole main page flooded with "hail to our savior" type crap. Because really. He's president. Not king of the world. Not Jesus. He's just a man taking over the White House. And he's going to do some things that have potential for good and some things that have potential for less good. Just like every elected official. Just because the media got him elected doesn't mean that he's actually going to be able to do everything (anything) he's said he will. And for that I'm actually grateful. Though I do see the potential for enormous harm, I'm hopeful that some sembalance of the built in checks and balances will moderate his impact to a teeny degree. Call me overly optimistic if you like.


I honestly think that even if I had voted for the guy I would be annoyed by her over-the-topness. Because seriously, she's that bad. So...what do I do? Do I send her a message? Do I just unfriend her and let her wonder? Do I just ignore it and basically just stop going to Facebook (which is the only way to ignore it, cause seriously, it's that bad)? Or do I start using my status message to be snotty? (Mature, I realize...but you don't know how many times as she's had her T-4 days BS in her status that I've wanted to put T-1463 days in mine. I've also considered just leaving it at, "No unicorn yet.")


Matt said...

I think there's a way to tell Facebook to tell you less about certain "Friends" (and, if you like, more about others) in your feed. It's not easy to find all their settings, though... I couldn't tell you how to do it off the top of my head.

Unfriending is always an option. It's not like they get an alert that they've been unfriended by you.

beth said...

Oooh - I will have to look for that option, that sounds perfect. Thanks, Matt!

michellewillingham said...

I'd go with what Matt said. I think in general, Facebook is good about letting you ignore stuff like that.

Rodmonster said...

Is a friend really a friend if they approve of the destruction of the United States?

Simply Dawn said...

Tuesday one of my friends was going over the top about him and she's knows my opinion and views. I just told her the truth that I don't care to hear all the hoop la about it. We have different opinions (though I believe my views are right) and asked her not to talk to me about her "joy". As far as facebook there is an option to get less news feeds from friends. And BTW....you need to add me to facebook. I spend more time with blogfriends over there it seems here lately :)