Monday Random

Yes, it's time for another scintillating edition of the Monday Random:

  • Today was (is) President's Day. Tim was home, which was nice...even if we spent it doing the taxes.
  • The Adoption Tax Credit is a good thing. Once we get our refund, we will have a nice little seed for the "Make the Kiddo A Big Brother" fund.
  • We played a little Lego Star Wars on the Wii during the morning nap. It's much more fun with 2 players than it was when I tried to play on my own. This could be because I'm generally terrible at video games.
  • I only got slightly nauseated playing Lego Star Wars...so that's something.
  • The kiddo has a cold and a bad diaper rash. Again. His poor little behind.
  • I really don't even have anything interesting to put into bullet points. How sad is that?
And there you are. Random thoughts brought on by the nagging feeling that I should blog something...even if there's really nothing to say.

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Marmee of Bear Meadow said...

Maybe not so sad...Presidents Day is a good thing, especially when we get TV specials on Abraham Lincoln and such. Adoption thoughts are are a good thing. As an adoptive parent, I love it when others consider this wonderful option. Playing fun things together is a good thing. Colds and diaper rashes--not so good. God bless the Kiddo's poor little behind. And may he become a big brother at just the right time. Thank You, Heavenly Father, for that future blessing!