Reality Check

I figure it's been a while since I commented on the various reality shows currently making their way on to and off of my DVR. I will admit happily that part of the reason this is the case is that they're all rather meh. But it's that or details of our trip to Target this afternoon. Yeah, I figured TV would be your choice.

Top Chef - I don't remember off the top of my head what season this is for Top Chef but I'm beginning to worry that it's getting tired. I'm glad that we're down to the final 4 - and I'm pretty content with the chefs that made it to the final 4 as well. I'm basically at the point where I'd like to see Carla take it all home, she's been winning me over the past few weeks. But I suspect that it'll be Stefan, which will, of course, make him even more unbearable than he already is. (Provided he's 1/10 of the a** in real life that he is shown to be on TV.)

Hell's Kitchen - Speaking of tired. Most episodes go like this: slacker chef mouths off at team, storms out of kitchen. Everyone whines behind his/her back. Slacker comes back down, they all make nice while being catty and annoying in the confessional. Ramsay yells and swears. Chefs get even stupider. More yelling and swearing. Dinner service flops. Someone, who is not actually the one who needs to, goes home. I've gotten to the point that I skip ahead randomly throughout the entire episode because, really, I wish I could reach into my TV and administer some slaps.

Last Restaurant Standing - This is back for another season on BBC America and I'm enjoying it almost as much as I did last time - though we're at the start of the thing so I'm not actually sure who all the couples are. Still, it's an enjoyable hour currently - though I'm not actually confident that there's a couple in the running who would succeed at running a restaurant from what I've seen thus far.

The Amazing Race 14 - This just started Sunday and I'm psyched. The first episode was hilarious and the phrase they chose for the episode title has been hollered a few times around the house in amusement as well. To me, that's the sign of a good episode. Out of the gate I'm rooting for the mother/son team and the older married couple that doesn't snipe all the time. (The hick couple needs to go home immediately...seriously, you do not snipe at your spouse that way in private. Let alone on TV.) Third place root would go to the stuntman brothers...though honestly it seems like they've got a huge advantage given their line of work. That said, it looks like there are some good teams so far and no one has been crazy annoying (which is a switch from last season where I knew the first episode a few teams that I would be rooting for to go home right off the bat.)

I think that's all that I've currently got on the schedule. If I've left anything out...well, that probably says enough about it right there, doesn't it.

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Library girl said...

I've only seen the one episode of top chef and already I can see what you mean with Stefan