Wii, Wii, Wii All the Way Home

On Friday, the kiddo and I toddled out to Costco with my sister for our monthly-ish jaunt for containers of crackers larger than our heads and other exciting things in quantities that take forever to eat through. But, if you're smart and you pay attention, it really can save you some cash. So...worth it, in our mind at least.

As we walked in, I spied a big pile of Wiis. Laughing, I called Tim on my cell to (mostly jokingly) ask if he wanted one. See...I had thought to get him a Wii for Father's Day last year, but I was hampered by my inability to sneakily suss out if he would actually want such a creature. So, I asked. Faced with having to say yea or nay, he said that we didn't need a Wii. So there was no Wii. About two weeks later, he began fussing about the fact that we needed one, this intensified when our friends got a Wii for Christmas. But I just told him he had his chance and to quit whining. So, seeing the Wiis at Costco I thought, "Well heck, we'll give him another chance."

If you just secretly bet yourself that he turned down the opportunity for a Wii again, give yourself a noodle, cause that's exactly what he did.

Friday night he got no end of flack from our friends with the Wii. They went so far as to say he wasn't allowed to play theirs, since he clearly had no respect for the Wii. (I'm not sure Tim was too broken up about this, given that he's broken their ceiling fan playing tennis and that he routinely gets whooped by their six year old at bowling.) And there the matter rested.

Until Saturday he starts mumbling about how maybe we need a Wii.

So, Sunday afternoon, Tim says, "Let's go to Costco and get a Wii." I laughed but agreed and so we piled in the car and headed down for a deal on a Wii. It was a lot less crowded than we thought it would be and we headed for where the pile had been on Friday...where delicious irony kicked in: there were no more Wiis. At this point, however, Tim's mind was made up: we were getting a Wii, by golly. So we loaded up Guitar Hero World Tour for Wii and a Wiimote charger and, after paying, scooted along to Game Stop (Game Spot? I never remember what the real name is - but it's the EBGames one.) Amazingly, Wiis there were only $9 more, so we did, in fact, go ahead and get the Wii. (As we left the Costco parking lot I mentioned that we were kind of committed, having purchased a game and everything - what if the price was crazy or they were out. My concerns were met with a dismissive wave of the hand - Tim knows Game Stop, I guess.)

And so the band Rock LLama was formed.



Gwynne said...

Rock Llama! What a great name for a band. Can't wait til You Tube comes to film them (channeling Michael Scott now). ;-)

Rodmonster said...

"Friday night he got no end of flack from our friends with the Wii. They went so far as to say he wasn't allowed to play theirs, since he clearly had no respect for the Wii."




Caltechgirl said...

HAHAHAHAH Welcome to the cult, Rock Llamas!

beth said...

We Rock - it even says so. :)

Michelle said...

Did you make your Miis yet? We made them for all the family members, including the baby. So much fun! :)

Go buy Mario Kart! Best. Game. Ever!!!

beth said...

We do have Miis...I need to make one for the baby - what a great idea. :) Of course, mine is much like my driver's license...considerably thinner than the actual me.

Library girl said...

I have one of those hehe. They are a lot of fun. I've been playing the singing games recently!

Princess Jami said...

Rock LLamas...like Rock Lobsters, but with more hair and spit. :-)