Yes, Some Cheddar Would Be Lovely

That's to go with the upcoming whine...you've been warned.

There are four, count them - four, separate teeth currently tormenting our family. I will be very happy when they finally manage to poke through. They seem quite content to just shift around inside the poor kid's gums, making him whiny and miserable and cranky and discontented. Which, in it's turn, makes me whiny and miserable and cranky and discontented.

To make matters more fun, Tim has this big thing at work next week, (at work up in the frozen north east, at that, so I get cranky boy all day AND all night, all by myself) that is causing him to put in seriously crazy hours this week. So...really it's like he's up in the frozen north east anyway for as much as I've seen him in the last week. Though we do eat dinner together. Most of the time. And I'm grateful he's employed and loved by his job - I am - but I would really be much happier if he was only working 10 or 12 hours a day instead of the 16+ that it's been lately.

Especially when I have a whiny, inconsolable child.

In other, less whiny news, a few random tidbits:

  • The Wii continues to be fun, though lately it's been more of an Iii than a Wii -- see previous comment about work schedules.
  • I took the kiddo up to visit my mom this afternoon and he proceeded to destroy her house. She is a lover of chotchkes - so they are everywhere. And as I'm her youngest child, it's been a while since it's been necessary for her to worry about their placement in relation to little grasping fingers. You don't rest when you visit grammy. She does have some fun toys for him though.
  • Who decides what grandparents are called? Is it the grandparent or the parent? I only ask because it's becoming clear that my mother-in-law wants to be called what Tim called his grandmother (mother-in-law's mother) and...well...I loved Tim's grandmother but the name? Bleh. It's just...bleh. Is this one of those things I just need to suck up? (It could be worse, our friends have one parent who is, I kid you not, "Grand Dude". I don't think there are words to describe the eye rolling that occurs when I think of this.)
  • I'm currently on a re-read frenzy of the JD Robb "In Death" series. It's been a while since I've gone back through these - they really are fun (fluffy and frivolous) reads.
  • I need to renew my driver's license...I think I'll try to do it next week. My sister told me that the DMV recommends going on Wednesdays. (Of course, if they recommend this...doesn't that make Wednesday the most crowded? Or do people just not read these recommendations?) Hopefully it will not result in another DL photo that is, frankly, humiliating. (And don't even get me started on my passport photo...)
  • My new class is reaching the half-way point and, so far, the students are actually pretty good. I'm a little stunned. This'll be two classes in a row with a lower than average moron rate.
  • There is much PhD silliness afoot...probably enough there for another post sometime in the nearish future.
And with that, I am going to go curl up by the fire with my book.


Gwynne said...

Unfortunately, I think the grandparents decide what they'll be called (because when they're left alone with the grandchild, they'll revert to whatever name they want). And some have strong opinions about this. ;-)

Library girl said...

I agree, Grandparents sadly (well sadly in some cases anyway hehe).

beth said...

I was afraid of that.

What if there's no intention of those grandparents ever actually being alone with him?




Jen said...

Yeah, my mother chose her grandmother moniker. Fortunately, we like it.

I think you can renew your license online.

beth said...

I renewed online last time...so every other time they make you come down and take the eye test. Yay. :)

Jen said...

Ah, yes. The eye test. Carry on, then.

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