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I knew the day was coming. All the signs were there and pointing, vigorously at that, in this direction. And now...the day has come. The kiddo has dropped his morning nap, moving quite solidly into a middle of the day nap that is about 2 hours long. And I find myself with a conundrum.

Previously, I would sleep until he woke up around 7:15 and then he and I would hang in our jammies until the morning nap (usually around 9 or 9:30) at which time I would head upstairs to shower etc. while he slept. That clearly won't work any longer. (I'm all for staying in my jammies until noon or beyond on a random Saturday but not as an everyday thing. Just no.)

So, what to do?

He can self entertain a little - but really not to the point that I'd trust him in his play area alone while I did all that. And not even really to the point that I'd trust him in his room running free for that long. He's much too apt to try and climb his bookshelf or play splashy-splashy in his humidifier. Or both. And we'll not even mention the distressing tendency to whack the stand lamp against the wall and break the blub or see what cool things like books and binkies he can put into the diaper champ. I know all these things will have to be fixed/removed in the coming months but for now, other than the shower issue, he's just not alone and free in his room without supervision. And I don't see changing it for the shower problem when there's a simpler solution.

I have set myself an alarm. And unfortunately, given his early rising time of 7:15...my alarm is for 6:30.

I really had hoped to not see this side of 7:00 a.m. routinely for some time to come. But alas...we're back. Now Tim will tell me to stop whining, since he's up and on his way out the door by 5:30, but I've been there, done that and the kiddo was my ticket to sleep. On the other hand, since Tim has been having trouble making himself go to bed at an hour reasonable for one who gets up at 5:15, perhaps the fact that I'm going to need that earlier bedtime myself will come in handy.


Gwynne said...

See, I thought that was one of the beauties of staying home with the kiddo...staying in my pajamas all day, taking a shower whenever I can, and then putting on clean pajamas. Sometimes the pajamas are elevated to athletic pants and a t-shirt/sweatshirt (e.g. if I have to go to the grocery store), but then if I sleep in those, they become pajamas too, don't they? I think you're being too hard on yourself. ;-)

Rodmonster said...

tell ya what - i will bring the cheese....