Tuesday Random

This post brought to you by a host of things that fall into the category of "Shall Not Be Blogged." So instead...I bring you randomness.

  • I am making slow progress on my dissertation proposal. If I had a nickel for every time I've written, or thought about writing, that in a post, I could pay my tuition.
  • The puppy had a dental cleaning today. She's doing fine but lost two teeth (not surprising, given how bad her breath was) and will be on soft food for at least two weeks. As this is her preferred food, that's not a hardship.
  • Getting up before 7 stinks...especially when you're used to not having to.
  • We are getting a fence put in. I would add finally here but honestly, we haven't really needed one before. We have/had an electronic fence that the dogs, by and large, had no issue with. But we can't really put a shock collar on the kiddo.
  • Why is it that baby girls have all these cute clothes but baby boys only get rompers and overalls? I went to three stores looking for something that was "dressier" for Easter for the kiddo, finally settling on khakis and a polo from The Children's Place (which is having a huge sale right now, btw, for those who might care.) I also snagged a fleece jacket in the 24 month size for next year. It was $2.99. If it doesn't fit...well, I've wasted $3 in much worse ways before.
  • My sister and brother-in-law are on vacation and having the trip from heck. They have finally, after 3 days, been reunited with their luggage. And quite pleased they were about that happenstance, as you might imagine. Hopefully things are on their way up now.
With that I'll go, because it sounds as if the kiddo has decided he's had enough of this "nap" - which really wasn't a nap so much as quiet time in his crib. I'll take it. Hopefully he got a little rest. We really need to figure out his new nap plan though!

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