Monday Miscellany, Tuesday Edition

(With apologies to Eric for completely ripping off his title.)

A few jots and tittles to keep your Tuesday scintillating. No really, scintillating. Would I lie?

  • Watching The Amazing Race last night, the teams headed to Bucharest, Romania, made famous by Nadia Comaneci. They remarked on this in the clue that sent them there. Tim looked at me and said, "Who?" To which I responded, "Nadia Comaneci." thinking that he just hadn't heard. But in fact, he had no idea who she is. This astounded me. Apparently, knowing famous gymnasts is a girl thing.
  • But actually, it's maybe not a girl thing - because I asked my sister and brother-in-law, thinking that Mike would confirm the girl thing theory. But my sister didn't know who she is either. So, there goes that theory. But honestly, why do I know who she is and no one else in my family does? That's just so strange.
  • Also while watching TAR, one of the teams was communicating with Luke by spelling in sign language. I thought it was cool that he was so patient with their attempts. Tim thought it was cool that they knew the alphabet in sign. I thought it was something everyone learned to do as a kid. Perhaps this is another girl thing? Or perhaps it's because we have a hearing impaired cousin (though honestly, the alphabet and Jesus Loves Me are the only things I know in sign.) Still...just goes to show that I have no concept of what common knowledge really is.
  • I still would really love to learn and be fluent in ASL some day.
  • Part of that is because I routinely dream that I am only able to communicate in sign language...and that no one I know understands it. (Psychologist hats on: ready, set, go!)
  • The kiddo has a cold that is lingering with a vengeance. It's getting annoying for both of us.
  • I have apparently caught his cold. Joy.
  • I see lots of steam in our future.
  • Our DVR apparently missed a 2 hour 24 last night. We're several episodes behind already, but now, missing that, I wonder if we're going to even bother catching up. And there needs to be a whole investigation into why it got missed. (Though if it was 2 hours, did it start at 8? If so, that would be why. Our 8 pm Monday slot is already over-full. Sigh.)
  • My class that started out so well this semester is down to 2 students who are actually working. None of the others are even returning my email. This bothers me on so many levels - the primary of which being that it would take what, 2 seconds? to jot off an email letting me know that hey, they no longer give a crap about their education, so I can stop wasting my time trying to babysit them into graduating.
  • The snow we got yesterday is deep enough that my prissy dog does not want to go potty because it means getting her tummy wet and cold. Poor baby. (Not that I blame her, there's a reason I am a fan of indoor plumbing.)
  • The other day I cracked open some Williams Sonoma hot chocolate that Tim's aunt sent me as a gift (she works there seasonally at times, just for fun). Mmmm. Basically it's chocolate shavings that you melt into hot milk. Seriously...why bother with the powdered stuff anymore? Now I have to stop myself from drinking the whole canister in one sitting.
  • I got a book in the mail to review and had to stop after the first chapter. My sister is going to email me a review to post for the blog tour. The book is fiction and about infertility, but it's so incredibly bitter that I just can't make myself go through it. Fiction is supposed to be an escape! (IMHO)
  • In that vein, I've recently read Sweet Revenge (Diane Mott Davidson is always good for a fluffy frolic - and the recipies I've tried from the books have all been delightful) and Sizzle and Burn (and while Krentz is pretty predictable, I have a fond place in my heart for books that you know exactly what you're getting when you pick them up. Even better when you can get them at Costco for a lot less than cover price. And I found the others in that series on Paper Back Swap...even better.)
  • I'm now hip deep in An Irish Country Christmas and enjoying it most thoroughly.
  • And with that...my book is calling since the kiddo is still napping.

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Lynellen said...

I bet you remember "King of Kings and Lord of Lords" in sign language, from camp.