Snow, Snow, Snow!

We got a truckload of snow overnight. Especially for this area. Tim stuck the tape measure out on the deck and said it hit right around 7 inches. Now that the wind has kicked up it's tough to tell if it's still snowing or if it's just blowing around. (I'm thinking the latter given that the sun is out and sparkling off the snow drifts at this point.)

I plan to get out there and shovel soon - though at this point it's close to the end of the A.M. nap, so I will likely wait until the P.M. nap to do it. Since the kiddo's got a cold, I don't think it's wise to trek him out with me, even all bundled up. (I have a cold too...so does Tim, for that matter. So someone has to shovel despite being all sicky, I figure I'm the better candidate as I can curl up on the couch in blankets and watch the kiddo play if that becomes necessary.)

Annnddd...there goes the dulcet tones of a waking child, so I will run for now. Not that there was a ton else to say given that we pretty much holed up at home all weekend due to aforementioned colds.

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Gwynne said...

Then again, you could just leave the snow to melt away, maybe tomorrow (if your weather is anything like it is here). :-)