Blog Tour: 10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe

I had the opportunity to read the new release Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe recently. I will admit that I initially agreed to participate in the tour because of the amusing title, but I had no expectation that it would actually be as good as it really is.

Osborne tackles what he feels are the 10 biggest Christian "urban legends" that are responsible for some of the watering down and culturfication of Christianity today. Things like "faith can fix anything" and "everything happens for a reason" and "you should always let your conscience be your guide" and "God brings good luck." (And, obviously, six others.) He starts out by presenting why the belief is so common and why it sounds tempting. Then he continues with showing how the Bible contradicts these thoughts and what it really says instead.

At it's root, this book challenges the "feel good and get along with everyone" mentality that is prevalent in churches today and points us back to the sometimes hard realities that the Bible contains. It's something that every Christian should read and challenge their system of beliefs against.

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Lynellen said...

Sounds really interesting..i'd like to read this.