Smackdown...Spring Edition

This edition of smackdown is brought to you by: Spring.

In one corner, we have our reigning champion: Nature. She's brought her two best teammates to represent her in this smackdown, Flowering Flora and Bud the TreeMan. Don't let their easy-going names or soft pastel costumes fool you, these two are both registered as deadly weapons.

In the challengers corner, we have StuffyBeth and Drippo the Kid. They've brought what arsenal they can along - tissues, decongestants, anti-histimines - the whole pantheon of Spring-killing weaponry and yet they are hindered hugely by noses that run one minute and are plugged the next, watery red eyes that itch, and a general feeling of malaise.

It's not going to be a long or drawn out contest, folks. In fact, it's safe to say that Beth and the Kid are already almost down for the count and the opening bell has barely rung. The only hope is that, yet again, the two of them can outlast the reigning champ, hanging on to the ropes and each other until time is called and Spring is forced to vacate the ring - taking her evil minions of pollen with her.

Let's get ready to sniffle!

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