C is for Cookie

Despite the fact that Sesame Street is trying to reform Cookie Monster into a health nut (reference our Cookie Monster Guessing Game book, in which Cookie Monster says, "Monster cannot live on cookie alone" and then goes on to have you guess all his favorite VEGETABLES. Whatever.), C is, and will ever be, for Cookie. (It's good enough for me!)

And so it was that today the kiddo and I made cookies together. I think it's the first time that he's really "helped" in the kitchen. (Ok, so really it was stuff like helping him turn the mixer on and handing him the cup measure of flour over the bowl and letting him dump it in, but you've gotta start somewhere. This child will not leave my house as inept in the kitchen as his daddy!) Most hilarious moment, which I tried but failed to capture on the camera, was him squatting down in that way that only toddlers squat, tilting his head to the side and peeking in at the cookies as they baked. Adorable.

Since the cookies themselves are oatmeal raisin, minus the raisins, plus dried cherries, blueberries, and raspberries, I'm considering them "healthy" and have allowed him to have a bite or two. Cause in this house, C is for Cookie.

Cookie cookie cookie cookie cookie starts with C!

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Michelle said...

Mine adores cookies. Bring 'em on!