Various Sundries

I keep waiting, hoping that I'm going to be able to string enough thoughts together to make a real post, but alas...it's just not happening. So, we resort to yet another list of bulleted items:

  • I had lunch with my friend Michelle (the soon-to-be-world-famous author) who is off this weekend to participate in a book signing at Nora Robert's husband's bookstore. I had been trying to figure out how I could go - not just to support her, but also because I've always wanted to see said bookstore and get a chance to meet Ms. Roberts. It didn't work out this go-round though...so Michelle, you're just going to have to do it again! As always, lunch was delightful.
  • My class this go round is the biggest bunch of whining slackers I have ever encountered. We have two group projects. Just two. I made the 2nd one individual because I'm so annoyed by all the bellyaching about how these poor little babies can't manage to work together.
  • Now they're bellyaching about how much work the 2nd project is on their own.
  • We just refinanced our house. Lowered our interest rate by just over 2% points and converted to a 15 year loan. It's not a significantly higher payment and it means the house'll be paid off by the time kiddo is ready for college. Yay.
  • I'm almost done with my latest draft of my dissertation proposal. I aim to get it turned in before my adivsor is back from his vacation on the 22nd. I had hoped to have it in the 1st week of April but...well..motivation is not supremely high right now. In fact, I read over (and re-read and edit and read some more) the thing and just sigh...I've clearly been taking too long on the thing. But...if all goes well, I'll finish up in May of 2010. December 09 is out of the picture due to needing to extend the study from 8 weeks to 16, but...at least the end is in sight.
See? Nothing overly postworthy in and of itself.

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