Sleep Woes

The baby is regressing again and I am not coping well. The past four nights he has been up, screaming as if being brutally murdered, from 12 - 2. There is nothing wrong with him (no fever, no obvious injury, etc.) save molars and maybe a growth spurt. Not to downplay the pain of either (or both) of those things...but Motrin is all I've got and it's not helping.

Last night we tried everything and finally he would lay still when I crawled into bed with him. (No, you don't need to laugh yourself silly picturing me in his crib, there's a double bed in his room for just these occasions.) But not the first or even second time that I tried it. It took two hours. Then he slept fitfully, as did I, and he woke at 5:30 thinking that it was time to play.

5:30 is better than 3:45, which was Tuesday's wake time, but still.

Foil is going on the windows this weekend to see if blocking out the morning sun completely (vs. the mostly that the curtains and blinds provide) will help.

Add in that he's been resisting naps as if they were of the devil and it's been a fun week so far. I still wouldn't trade it for the world...but, well, I'd happily trade this part for my happy, well rested little boy.

This too shall pass, right?


Lynellen said...

Our HOA does not permit foil... does yours?

I think you need the vinyl light blocking curtain liners instead.

Michelle said...

You can get some of those pull-down shades that block all light. You won't see them during the day, but they'll help at night.

I'm guessing it's probably molars. Has he got all of them yet? Our household is going through the same thing. The only comfort for him was for me to sleep alongside him. Motrin didn't do as much as I wanted it to. Hang in there!

Rodmonster said...

told ya thats why we did the shade.
actually we had blinds facing street - then we did the shade, then cardboard (covered it tightly - so no sneaky sun) - then the curtin on the inside. All looked nice and all was blocked ....made a HUGE diff for us....