A Whole Lot of Nothing

I don't even really have bullet points today. I thought I was going to be saved by a blog tour for a very good book...but actually that's next week. So...stay tuned!

Today was a very pretty (weather-wise) day - so the kiddo and I spent a lot of time outside. He ran up and down the hill in the back yard (not the crazy hill, the slope that makes up the rest of the yard) and we threw a football (well, I threw it, he brought it back. I tried to explain to Cassi that this was what the game of fetch looked like, but she wanted nothing to do with it.) And generally expended energy. It was a good break from the misery that these bottom molars are imparting. (I think they're both 1/2 way out, so the end is in sight.)

We also trekked up to visit my mom and sister where they work - I hadn't actually taken him up to be "shown off" yet (though most everyone had met him before, so there wasn't any urgency.) It bagged me some Chick-Fil-A, so that's always worthwhile.

Now I'm killing a few minutes before office hours, during which time I intend to either read or watch TV. Not sure which yet.

I'll stop now, lest the scintillation kill you.

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