I'm still completely bummed about losing my diamond. I couldn't sleep last night so I went and tore the car apart again. No luck. I really thought there was a slim chance it might miraculously be there. But no.

Once I finally got to sleep I got about two hours before the kiddo woke (at 3am) and proceeded to be inconsolable until 5. No idea what caused it. But I did manage 2 hours of sleep (from 5 - 7) at that point. Woo - 4 hours of sleep!

I'm a little punchy today.

I watched two of my friend's three kids this morning while she went to the doctor. They're reasonably good kids, but they're much more...physical with each other (and Joshua) than most kids. I feel like I spent the whole time telling one of them not to dive bomb the other or rip the toy from the hand of the other, etc. I was glad when she got back.

Wendy's chicken nuggets are, hands down, Joshua's favorite.

And, is it wrong for me to be irritated by people calling him Josh? I don't call him this. Tim doesn't call him this (maybe occasionally - but it's rare). His name is Joshua. If, when he is older, he wants to shorten it, that's fine. But seriously, it's an extra two letters folks. (Grandparents are excepted from this irritation - because they're grandparents and I won the "what do we call the grandparents" argument, so I'll give them the "what do the grandparents call the kid" decision.) More irritating are those who spend the extra syllables (and more!) that would normally be in Joshua by sing-songing "Jooossshhhh". My friend's daughter is named Elizabeth. And they call her Elizabeth and it really seems that everyone does - I just wonder how she managed to win that battle or if it's uphill all the time for her, too.

I'm currently up to my ears in the following paperwork:

  • IRB stuff for school
  • An HOA approval request for a shed
  • Homestudy application (we decided on the cheaper route...we'll see how that goes)
  • Application for the attorneys
Happily there's a lot of overlap on the last two. On the other hand...there's a lot of overlap on those last two. And I really should get back to it.

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Dawn said...

Hey Beth this is Dawn from Whispers..just wanted to let you know I've moved my blog. I'll be by soon and play catch up. Hope all is well with you ;)