A Little Over 15 Years

That is how long I had the diamond in my engagement ring. And now, any thoughts of it becoming an heirloom - or even just being something to pass along at some point, are gone. Because it fell out of my setting somewhere between the store door and my car and no amount of looking has located it. I guess there's the possibility that it'll show up - that would be lovely - but I'm not holding out much hope.

It wasn't huge but it was perfect because it was what Tim gave me on a freezing December night, sitting in the snow in front of "our tree" on the lawn of Blanchard Hall. (If you look at the photo in the link, the little evergreen in the front left corner is, actually, our tree - how cool is that?)

I am supremely bummed.


Gwynne said...

I'm so sorry. :-(

I lost my (first) engagement ring the same way, in a parking lot. Only I lost the whole ring because I took it off to put lotion on, left it on my lap, got out of the car and didn't realize I dropped it. I never found it and the wedding almost didn't happen because of it, but eventually I got a second engagement ring (a pearl), and a third (the charm ;-).

Hope someone finds it and turns it into the store where you lost it...be sure to give them your contact info, just in case.

Library girl said...

Oh no! That really sucks! I also hope someone finds it!

Michelle said...

Oh, hugs, Beth! I really hope someone finds it. I think the sentimental loss is probably worse than the loss of the stone. :(

Jim said...