Post Scheduling and Other Miscellania

A little while ago, Blogger added the ability to schedule posts and I have to say, I'm totally loving it. You've noticed that I do a lot of book tours (what's not to love? Free books! All I have to do is express an opinion...which I would probably have done anyway. Plus, it's given me a great opportunity to discover authors who I would be unlikely to have found otherwise.) In the past, I've read the book and then set it aside and tried to remind myself to come back and write my little blurb. But usually I've finished reading 3 or 4 weeks before the post is actually due and by the time it's time to post something, my memory is foggy.

Enter the scheduled post. I've got six posts all happily written and scheduled waiting to pop onto the screen in the coming weeks and it's such a relief to know that I've read the book and captured my thoughts before they start to fade (because, let's be honest, not every book manages to stay separate from other things you've read.)

The only real negative is that I feel like I've posted...but really, I haven't. Which then leaves me thinking, "Hmmm...I should find something to say." And you end up with this delightful random musing. You're scintillated, admit it.

In other thoughts, I've already had six requests for books I posted on PBS, so I'm glad I refreshed that list. It's good to see them going out to homes for other people to love and enjoy. (Or not as the case is. Realistically, the books that I post are being farmed out because they failed some criteria for keeping them. Still...I hope that someone else will love them at least a little. And clearly, I need to stop giving feelings to inanimate objects.) Either way, that's six new books that I can find and bring home. Which is really what it's all about.

Beyond that - cross your fingers for me on the IRB stuff. I'm feeling like we're coming down to the wire if I'm really going to be able to start in the fall - and I need to start in the fall, because I need to finish in the spring. And in order for this to happen, the IRB really has to fly through smoothly. Unfortunately, the only thing I can do right now is pray, fret, and wait.

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