Various Sundries

It's too hot, really, to think in more than bullets. Though honestly, I suspect it's more the humidity than the heat - it's not super hot today. It just feels that way. Regardless...

  • I'm going to get away with an expedited IRB review, so that's good. It's not as wonderful as getting an exemption, but the expedited review should still be able to happen before school starts up in September. I'm actually close enough to finishing that it's starting to feel possible. Still two semesters, certainly, but that's really it. Just two. I can survive two.
  • My latest batch of students seems to, thus far, require less babysitting. That's a refreshing change. We'll see if the trend continues.
  • My sister is sewing slip covers (I'm doing the pinning, she's doing the actual sewing, because she's the more accomplished seamstress of the two of us - still, I'm helping) for my new kitchen chairs. When I have photos, I'll post them - I'm so pleased with how they're turning out.
  • I'm re-reading the Harry Potter books and am about half way through the Goblet of Fire. I'd forgotten how much annoying teenage angst was in this one (and, now that I stop to think, the next one as well, I think). I just feel like reaching into the pages and shaking all three of them, one after the next. I guess it's a testament to Rowling that her characters are real enough to warrant such a thing?
  • The baby is trying to convince me that he only needs 45 minutes of nap today. Being the mean mommy that I am, I am trying to remind him that that is clearly not the case. You can take bets on who will win...I'd give it even odds.
  • Tim is nearly finished with the insane project. I'm not sure which of us will be happier when it is a thing of the past.
  • TravelZoo had a vacation package to Ireland yesterday that I nearly couldn't resist. Even if it meant taking a toddler on a six hour plane ride. (It's that insanity that has stopped me many a time. I just think we probably ought to fly somewhere with him that's less than six hours before trying the overseas thing. You know, to make sure he actually flies well.)
  • In keeping with the above, I've been trying to think of somewhere in the continental US (that's not the west coast, b/c that's really the same as flying to Europe) that I would actually want to vacation and am drawing a blank. Suggestions welcome.


Gwynne said...

We're trying to power up for taking an almost toddler on his first flight also. How about Chicago? St Louis also has some good stuff...Science City, Grant's Farm, a great zoo (with a snake house that you won't want to miss ;-), Children's Museum, the Arch, etc.

Jen said...

Having done the flying-across-the-continental-US thing with 16 month old Jesse, I can say that it's a scary prospect. Being prepared ahead of time is the huge help. He actually did quite well on the 5 hour flight - being in his own carseat was key and having snacks and plenty of milk and precious toys/books was the other factor. Also, while I hated the red-eye flight we took back home, he did sleep through that whole flight, so the overnight thing works.

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