Blog Tour: Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart

This charming tale was part of the Father's Day blog tour and it is a fabulous story for parents to read to their kids or for the 10 and up crowd to read on their own. (Younger advanced readers might also enjoy it - though some bits might be a tad scary.) It follows Sir Dalton, a young knight of the Prince, as he finishes training and heads out on his first mission. During this time, Dalton questions his loyalty and love for the Prince and finally ends up captured by a Shadow Warrior. Through his capture and subsequent adventure, Dalton finds what it truly is to be a knight of the Prince and stand firm against the Shadow Warriors.

The allegory in the writing is clear and it adds to the tale significantly (though the tale itself is quite fun). This is the 3rd in the series and I will be seeking out the first two as necessary parts of my library for Joshua when he's at that age/reading level.

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