Laundry Tales, Redux

You may remember the tale of my Maytag machines and how it ended with the delivery men keeping the new machines and leaving the old because of the dimensions of my ridiculous laundry room. Well, we have been motoring along, laundry-wise, with generally reasonable results (clean clothes that only have to go through the dryer twice) and so we were going to just let it ride.

Monday is laundry day around here. And so I trucked the baskets over to the washer this morning and started a load like I always do. Except today there was this grinding and clicking noise that started as soon as the washer started to agitate and never really let up. There was a slightly electrical smell in the air as well. We made it all the way through a cycle with a little TLC (I had to go and rearrange the clothes several times to get it to keep agitating instead of just grinding away) but it did prompt a few calls to Tim.

After a little discussion and some careful measuring and drawing, I was off to run errands with the doodle (doggie to groomer, lunch at Wendys, haircut for the doodle, and oh yes, look at washers and dryers armed with proper dimensions of the room.) We dropped the dog at the groomer and had lunch. The line at the hair cut place was too long, so we skipped that and ended up looking at washers and dryers.

Long story short, they were willing to make me a good deal on the floor models of a set that they are sure will fit in the dimensions I showed them. So the doodle and I left and we chatted with Tim about it and have gone ahead and made the purchase at this point. They'll be delivered tomorrow.

I am going to cry if they don't actually fit. (For a number of reasons, not the least of which is because it will conclusively mean I can't use a measuring tape properly.)

And here's where you have to promise not to laugh. I'm kind of excited that we ended up with the floor models...cause they're ice blue. I know, I know. I would never have gone out of my way to order (and pay extra for) a color. But they're so pretty! And I paid less for them than I would have paid for the same model in white if we ordered them and paid full price. So.

Oh fine, go ahead and laugh.

If they fit, I'll take a picture and you can see how pretty they are. Fingers crossed!

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michellewillingham said...

Here's hoping that they fit! Fingers crossed!!