Book Review: The Spellman Files

Jen did a review of this book the other day and it sounded interesting (and I've tended to like the other books she's mentioned), so I checked out the blurb on Amazon and then looked to see if it was available on Paperback Swap. It was, so I ordered it and when it arrived, pushed aside the other book that I was trying to muddle through and went for it instead.

I have to say that I'm incredibly disappointed. I honestly couldn't find any redeeming value in this book at all. Sure, the writing is good, but the characters are all members of a "family" that has to have the quotes around the word because otherwise you'd just think they happened to share a last name and a house. Narcissistic and self-destructive are the only words that come close to a description of the main traits shared by every character in this tale. They relate to one another only through lies, blackmail, manipulation, and guilt trips - pulling out "I love you" only as a last resort for guilt when other negotiation tactics have failed. (Not shocking that that isn't well received.)

I love quirky characters and fun stories, but really didn't feel this had either: 1 star out of 5


Jen said...

I'm sorry you didn't like it. Having had some time to think about it, I've come to agree more with your assessment than my initial one. I have the sequel in my car and I'm thisclose to just returning it to the library unread.

beth said...

Books are so subjective that it's always hard to make recommendations. :) I wanted to like it, I really did and I think I would have if there had been one character who really tried in there (preferably Izzy, but I'm flexible). I feel a little bad that you're changing your view - hopefully not because of me!

Jen said...

No, honestly, with a little distance I came to realize that the characters were beyond quirky. What kept coming to mind is how lost they are, so lacking in a spiritual Center.