My Little Long Haired Boy

Is it terrible that I can't bring myself to cut the baby's hair? It's really getting long - and not in the cute, baby long hair way. We're really kind of past that. But he does still have adorable little curls on the back of his head...when they're not all frizzed and flat (because they're too long). And I know if I cut it, he's going to look so grown up and the curls will be gone and...I just can't do it. But I really need to.

Any suggestions for making it through the ordeal?


michellewillingham said...

Make Tim do it. :)

Actually, Chuck cuts the boys' hair. We just got some clippers at the drug store, and buzz them. Easy. And they look so handsome afterwards. You'll love it as much as the curls, trust me.

Jen said...

Just do it. Once the first cut is done the rest are easier.

Gwynne said...

Save the curls! But you were already planning to do that, I'm sure. (And use the rest to make diamonds ;-).

Could we see a picture before he becomes a "big boy?"