A Little Monday Random

  • As I was making the (legal) U-turn to get into Chili's on Friday night, I heard the unmistakable "Wooooo" from behind me, causing no little panic. It was only as Tim started laughing at the stricken look on my face did I realize that it was simply the kiddo choosing that exact moment to remind us what the fire truck (and police car) say.
  • The new washer is upstairs quietly churning away. It's delightful to not be able to hear it downstairs - and even the spin cycle is relatively quiet. At any rate, it sure beats the chugging that used to fill the house on laundry day. Only negative is that the drum is a little smaller than the old machine, so I have to sort colors now...no more college laundry.
It seems like I had more than that but it's gone now. So...happy Monday!

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