Thursday Random

A few little thoughts flitting through my head:

  • Did anyone else know a new season of Hell's Kitchen just started? I checked my DVR and there were two episodes (back to back). Looking like the worst bunch of losers yet. I'm seriously wondering if I can keep subjecting myself to this inanity.
  • I picked up the newest Nora Roberts (Black Hills) the other day at Costco - I have to say, I'm finding it hard to get into. This is unusual. Hoping it picks up - maybe if I set it aside for a bit I'll be more in the mood for it.
  • It's been a rough couple of weeks sleeping wise around here. If it's not the kiddo having issues, I've been dealing with insomnia. Fun fun fun. Or not. Hopefully we'll turn a corner soon.
  • We've got a nice little concrete slab curing in our back yard now and come Saturday we should be good to start building our shed. Hopefully that'll be a fun and relatively easy experience.
  • Saturday night will also be our first outing sans kiddo. We're planning on going to see the Harry Potter movie and then dinner. My folks and sister will come over to babysit.
  • IRB madness continues with my PhD...so frustrating...I'm going to graduate one of these days...I hope.
And...that about taps out the random things flitting in my brain.


Gwynne said...

Your first outing since he was born?? If so, I'm impressed!

beth said...

Yeah, our first outing sans him since he was born. My in-laws have been wondering ever so subtly if I am "ever going to let him out of my sight." He does go to nursery at church - and I think that counts...kinda. But essentially I'm a nervous nelly about the whole thing. First time mom, what can I say?

Gwynne said...

I completely understand that! Since our daughter left, we haven't gone out either. Now I don't feel so bad. ;-) The church nursery does count! I haven't wanted to do that yet for fear of germs, but I think we're ready now that he's a little older (as long as there's a one-to-one ratio in the nursery ;-).