So Tempting

This is so very tempting.

I have a severe case of itchy feet right now and thus the weekly Travelzoo emails (and all the other various and sundry emails I get that tantalize with vacation thoughts) are seriously enhancing my wanderlust. So the thought of being able to zip about hither thither and yon for a month on one ticket is delightful.

My sister and I plotted out an "ideal" tour and it ran something like this:
DC to Bermuda
Bermuda to Nassau
Nassau to San Juan (from whence we would flit about the various Caribbean locales for a bit)
San Juan to Cancun
Cancun to Austin
Austin to Denver (from whence we would do a driving tour of the Dakotas and so forth, ending in Chicago)
Chicago to DC

Now, of course, you can't actually fly that way, JetBlue being a fairly smallish airline, you pretty much have to go through DC, Boston, or JFK to get anywhere. You could put some of that trip together, but not all of it, and not as easily.

So, looking at the map of where they fly, I'm thinking weekend trips. Make Tim take off a series of 4 day weekends and do the following:
DC to Boston

  • One day in Boston then drive to Newport, RI (about 2 hours) and see Marble Row for 2 days then back to Boston and home
DC to Burlington, VT - I'm not sure what all there is to do in Vermont, but it must be lovely this time of year, all that snow. (Spot the quote. And yes, I realize that it actually would be fall color, but I'm all about the fall color.)

DC to Portland, ME - Ditto the Vermont comment, but I've at least been to Maine once and would love to repeat the experience. Even if I don't like lobster.

DC to Vegas - I'm not sure we actually need to go to Vegas, but Tim does have a sister there who has never met the not-really-a-baby anymore so it might be politically correct to work this in. Plus, hey, it's Vegas.

DC to Austin - in addition to an aunt and uncle, we have good friends there, and it's always worth a trip to Fredericksburg, TX if you can work it in.

DC to Denver - talk about fall color. Plus we have family in Colo. Springs now and honestly, at that point, I think I might keep driving south and show Tim where I grew up and Santa Fe. Mmmm...New Mexico chilis...the Sandias in the fall...mmmm.

Not to mention family in Florida and The Mouse or an earnest desire to get to Puerto Rico at some point in my life.

And I know I'm well out of weekends for the month that the promotion lasts...but even doing 2 or 3 would be worth the price of admission.

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Jen said...

Vermont is home of Ben & Jerrys. That is all you need there.

Actually, Burlington is right on Lake Champlain and it is beautiful up there any time of year.

From there you could take a ferry to the Adirondacks. Drive to northern NH to see the White Mountains and the notches. Drive still further to the seacoast of NH/Maine. It's all pretty close up there in New England.