And So It Begins...Again

Sleep is one of those things you take for granted until you're not getting any. And then....boy do you miss it. At least, if you're me you do.

See, about two weeks ago, we had a bit of the stomach flu hit the house. And we were all miserable and doing loads and loads of laundry and generally just not happy. Then it passed (no pun intended) and life was once again good. Except that the kiddo forgot how to sleep.

The first night we made excuses about how he must still not feel good and so forth.

The second night we thought, "Well, maybe he's working on those 2 year molars."

The third night we wondered, "Could he be growing?"

The fourth night I think we went back to the teeth idea.

And so and and so forth until today, when after waking for the second night in a row having "slept" with the kiddo (as it's been the only way to minimize the sleep disturbance for Tim, who strangely doesn't find it easy to get up at o-dark-thirty to get to work when he hasn't slept) I thought to myself, "Maybe it's his ears."

So, I trucked us up to the other office of our ped's (because the office we usually go to didn't have any appointments today) and *drum roll* he's fine.

Yeah, I knew it too - but it was my last possible excuse. And I really didn't want to treat the behavioral issue if there was a real issue. But there is no real issue...so the behavioral issue will now be treated. Which means that we're in for 3 - 4 days of unhappiness as the sleep training resumes. I really wish this was one of those "teach them once they never forget" things.

But hey, at least I'll actually probably manage to stay up on New Year's Eve this year.

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Gwynne said...

We've been on this same slippery slope ever since my husband went on vacation. It's so painful to break the cycle...I feel for you!