The End of the Year

Not that this will necessarily be the last post of 2009, but then again, it might, the way things have been around here lately.

Regardless, as we're creeping toward the end of the year, I actually find myself thinking that it might be good to make a few resolutions this time around. Or, as I mumble to myself because I just get all squicky feeling when I say the word "resolution", set some goals for the year. (Not sure why the idea of setting goals seems much better to me than a resolution. But there you are.)

Of course, I don't mind setting them in my mind - or even writing them down on something only I see - but isn't part of the whole thing that you're supposed to share them with someone/everyone? That's where I start getting tripped up.

One goal/resolution/what-have-you that I don't mind sharing is this: I will finish this PhD by the end of 2010. I don't think May is going to happen anymore, but the end of the year should be eminently doable.

Beyond that, I guess we'll have to see what I can convince myself to write down.

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