Here We Go!

So tomorrow I officially begin data collection on my degree. Please pray that it goes smoothly and that I can get all the data I need in a reasonably quick period of time!

I already know I'm going to have to go into the next term at the school where I teach because the teachers who volunteered to offer my study to their students would only volunteer to be in the control group. So still no experimental data getting collected...but I need the control data anyway. I'm thinking that there's going to be little to no effect from spanning semesters based on the way the school works so...fingers crossed that that's the case. Of course, if at the end of the day I find that my treatment didn't do anything I still graduate. I'd just really rather make a positive contribution to the community rather than simply eliminating one more thing to try.

Still...I really think I can graduate by December. Hurray!

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michellewillingham said...

Oh, I hope so!!