Sundries for the Weekend

I was going to play with Fiction Friday, but I'm so sleep deprived right now I just can't get my head around anything more than a bullet list. And I feel like I need to post something for the four of you who actually still visit my little deserted corner of the Internet.

And so:

  • We got a very light dusting of snow last night. The doodle enjoyed running around in it for about 15 minutes this morning, then he wanted to go back in because the wind kept blowing it in his face. He really does not like his face getting wet - unless it's him sticking his head under the water in the bath. Then he's fine with it. Happily, he also learned to blow bubbles while doing that pretty quickly. But he'll pretty much never be allowed to bathe without supervision.
  • I made potatoes au gratin the other night from scratch. I'm pretty sure there's nothing more comforting than a potato smothered with bubbling cheese. Though I think the potato might be optional.
  • So far I have a whopping 7 participants in my study out of approximately 100 invitations. At this rate, I'll be lucky to finish data collection by December, let alone graduate. Why is it always one step forward, sixteen steps back?
  • I can tell our house is approaching the 10 years old mark - the windows and doors are really beginning to get drafty. With as much wind as we've had lately, there are some places in the living room that are actually uncomfortable to sit because of the cold air pouring in. It might be time to consider addressing that.
  • I'd really like to put in hardwood floors first though.
  • I think we might make more gingerbread cookies this afternoon - I feel them calling to me, and really, I don't need to keep molasses around for a long time, so best to use it up, right?
  • I'm actually beginning to look forward to my time on the elliptical every afternoon. I think this is a sign of some sort of disease and intend to google it soon. In the mean time, I was pretty amused to discover that while the scale continues not to budge, I can now take my jeans off without undoing them. Consequently, I probably need to either get a belt or hem them (or both) - because what were slightly long pants now drag on the floor rather ridiculously.
Aannnddd...if we're getting to that last little bullet of TMI, then I think it's time to go do something more productive with my afternoon. Like nap.


Lynellen said...

I vote buy a new pair of jeans in a smaller size... I might have some left from high school that would work...

Rachel said...

I visit all the time - Blogger will just never let me comment. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping this time will be different!

Gwynne said...

Oh, no, you're not becoming one of those people who has to straddle the sidewalk when you walk, are you? I vote for new jeans too. Like Lynellen, I think I still have some from high school that I could send you (they're only 30 years old...viva la Dittos!). ;-)