Snow People

It snowed again last night. It was delightful to sit and watch it come down after the kiddo was in bed. I turned on the fire and cozied up with a book and had a rather enjoyable evening.

This morning after running around inside madly, the kiddo finally zeroed in on the snow and asked to go outside. I had been planning on doing that this afternoon, after his nap, but figured why not. So we bundled up (gosh it takes forever to get a toddler ready to go out in the snow!) and went out to tromp around.

He was in heaven.

For the first time this season, the snow was actually wet enough to pack, so while he ran hither, thither, and yon, I set about making a snowman. He popped over occasionally to see what mommy was up to and got rather excited about the big ball of snow as it formed on the ground, but really beyond that he had little interest. Until I put the head on.

He just was not happy about that third tier - and so with a stick and several whacks, he knocked it off, laughing madly. I scooped up more and put on a new head. He poked and whacked until it fell off. I made a third head. He did a full body tackle and took down not just the head, but the torso as well. Apparently snow people are not to be tolerated in our yard.

He spent several enjoyable minutes climbing up on the bottom ball then sliding down. And then he started trying to push it. So I gave it a little jab to get it going and we rolled it over to the edge of the hill and then let it go, gathering snow and speed until it smacked, with a very satisfying crash, into the fence.

There was much giggling as he slid down the hill on his snow pants to investigate the remains and scoop them into his pots.

As much as Tim is not into the cold weather, it's pretty clear that the kiddo and I are snow people.


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I didn't manage to get one before the quarterback sack took place. So if you want a picture of snow smashed against the fence, I can take that tomorrow. :)