Square One: This would be the definition of where I most likely am with my PhD. Essentially, no one is willing to work with me as far as collecting students to participate in the study at the school where I teach. So...I'm going to tug a few lines and see if I can find another venue, but honestly, I'm not optimistic. And if I end up having to start over with a new idea, I'm not sure I'm going to. Cause, well, dang.

Square Foot: I'm considering a square foot garden this summer. I probably won't actually follow through, but the idea is appealing. Of course, that's before I remember how icky it is outside all summer long and the fact that my whole yard basically gets full sun from sunup to sundown, making it dang near impossible to actually find someplace where anything, including grass, can grow. Still, the idea is appealing and it's fun to research for now.

Square Meal: I intend to do some baking this weekend. This is, of course, brought on by the promise of impending doom courtesy of Snowpocalypse 2010, v2. Right now, said snowpocalypse is incredibly disappointing, but I made gingerbread dough for cookies later tonight anyway. Just in case. I'll let you know if it actually ends up giving us the up to 36" that are forecast (right now it's snowing, but not sticking).

Square Deal: My elliptical has officially been worn out. Apparently using the thing for about an hour nearly every day for six months causes breakage in cheap-o machines that you got at WalMart to make sure you actually liked using them. (And it's not as if it hadn't been used prior to those six months in the 2 years previous - it had - just not as intensely.) So...I'm poking about and trying to figure out what better quality one will be my birthday present. The good ones are awfully expensive...but I guess we've discovered that you get what you pay for.

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