Snowpocalypse 2010

We got walloped by snow this weekend. We measured 23 inches on our deck and it seems like that was pretty accurate based on where it hit me when we went out to frolic with the little one. For this area, that's some crazy snow. Part of the problem (heck, the bulk of the problem) is that this area doesn't get snow like that very often (for all that this is the 2nd time in as many months that we've had that much). An average year finds us getting one "major" snowstorm of maybe 3 inches. And things close for a day or two just trying to deal with that.

All in all, the Sleepys got off pretty easily. We lost power Saturday night from about 11 pm til 7 am, so we ended up having the little one snuggle in with us so that we could huddle together for warmth - but beyond that, there was nothing terrible. Tim has some work friends who have been without power since late Friday afternoon (when the snow first started to get bad) and are, as far as I know, still without power. Plus they had a big tree fall and block their driveway.

I spent Saturday making the best cinnamon rolls ever - and they're huge to boot. Honestly, I'm already so sick of them that I don't think I'll make them again anytime soon. But boy are they yummy...we've just OD'd on them. I had plans, grand plans, for more baking, but the rolls ate up all my yeast. Ah well.

Tim and I spent most of yesterday's nap time shoveling out the driveway. Even then, we didn't do all of it, just about half on Tim's side (enough that he can back out and wiggle over onto my side to get the rest of the way out) and all the way on my side. One of pipe stem neighbors had their brother-in-law with a blower come and do the pipe stem to their house (which sinks for the people who live below him, but we benefited) so that cut down on how much there was to do. Tim even managed a path from the driveway to the front door. Of course, we have only one snow shovel, so Tim used the regular shovel - sprayed down with Pam to make the snow slide off. It worked.

He went into work today and said the roads were ok, but not fabulous (even the highway has issues). I snuck out for a bit because we were out of dogfood and honestly, I don't plan to go out again anytime soon. For all that the major roads are clear, they're not really all that clear nor are they particularly great. That would be fine if people weren't idiots - but apparently because it's sunny, dingbats think that tailgating and speeding and switching lanes with no room and no signaling is a good plan. They do this when the roads are dry and it's annoying and dangerous - to have them do it when the "cleared" roads still have 2" of packed icy slush on them is just stupid.

They're saying we could get between 7 and 10 more inches between Tuesday and Wednesday this week. As long as I don't have to go out in it, I'll continue to enjoy it.

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michellewillingham said...

Make sure you get milk and bread! Glad you're able to get out.