Cold Turkey Potty Training: Day 2

Yesterday afternoon was...rough. He's getting better at saying he wants to go peepee, but then you start on your way to the potty and get "Nooooooo!" And yesterday I made the mistake of asking, "Do you not want to go potty?" Which of course a two year old is going to say "No" to...because if you ask them a yes/no question, you get no. I know this, but well, what can I say? I did it anyway. And so we missed several times in a row because of mommy error. He told me and I second guessed him.

This morning anytime he's said he has to go, we go, even if he changes his mind along the way. We're in underpants pair 3 so far today and I have to say I'm pretty ok with that for 2:30 in the afternoon. (Obviously I'd love for there to have been no issues, but seriously, this is day 2.) The first pair was such a teeny accident - and it wasn't really an accident, he started, told me he needed to go and went almost all on the potty but the undies were a bit wet so I changed them because part of what I'm doing is asking him if he's dry off and on and then praising him when he is (which mostly he is, when I ask, but this builds awareness) so didn't want to set him up with wet undies.

The second pair I was honestly kind of glad when he flooded them because they were growing as he moved around. They were fitting but kinda loose when we put them on. But as he ran about and did 2 year old things, they kept getting bigger and bigger and stretching and stretching until the crotch was almost at his knees and the waistband barely clinging to his hips. It was almost amusing enough to take a photo (esp. as they have the Hulk and the Silver Surfer on the butt, so here are super heroes riding low. Maybe you had to be there.) Point being, switching them out for cookie monster undies that fit properly didn't make either of us all that sad.

I'm doing better with it today as well. Yesterday was hard for me (and here's where mom and my sister can begin rolling their eyes) because it's such a big boy thing and I kind of miss my baby. I don't miss the diapers, mind you, even when I'm scrubbing pee off the kitchen floor. But it's just one of the bittersweet things, I guess.

And hey, appropros of nothing but I didn't want to forget, a huge shout out and congratulations to my friend (and really, she's really my friend - I know her for real and everything -- and hey, I knew her when!) Michelle whose book is up for a RITA. Woohoo!


Gwynne said...

Sounds like it's going well...I'm paying close attention over here! On the "big boy" front, I read somewhere that we have to be careful about praising their Big Boy-ness so they don't feel like big failures when they can't live up to those expectations. It's okay to baby him along the way. Ease into it, I say. :-)

michellewillingham said...

Thanks, Beth! And with the training, that sounds about like the same thing I was going through. Mine would tell me, then change his mind, and then have an accident.

One trick I started doing, was I took one of his stuffed animals and told him, "Puppy has to go potty." And we pretended that his stuffed dog went. Then I asked him if he could show Puppy the right way to go potty, and of course, he went. That has been a great way of getting him to go when he's reluctant. Just a thought.

Sounds like he's doing great!!