Planners: Not Just A Book To Carry Around With You

I am a planner.

I will freely admit this. In fact, I have always seen it as a positive trait. I will acknowledge that I am slightly more relaxed about planning now than I was 15 years ago before Tim and I got married. (Honestly, most of the relaxation came with our first trip to Ireland where we finally struck a balance between Tim's version of vacation and my thought that I don't need to fly 6 hours and pay for a hotel room to sleep til noon.)

This year I've been dipping my toe into MOPS. The kiddo enjoys it most mightily, so I would keep going for that alone, but I will say I'm enjoying some of the moms that I'm getting to know. What is perhaps less than fabulous is that most of the moms in my small group are not among those who I'm enjoying getting to know. Still, I'm giving it my best and when it came time for us (our small group) to host the monthly girl's night out and they wanted to watch a movie like a pajama party type thing, I offered my house.

That was about three weeks ago. And that was kind of the last anyone said anything about the girl's night. Which is tomorrow.

To say I'm panicked is to understate the issue.

From the eVite, I see that we've got about 12 people coming. Ok, that's fine. But I don't really know who's bringing what (we do have a loose list that came out this morning) and as far as the movie goes "everyone is going to bring their favorite and we'll just take a vote when everyone shows up." Um, yeah. There is no movie getting watched tomorrow night - 12 ladies are not going to decide what 2.5 (ish) hour movie to watch in a scheduled 3 hour time frame fast enough to actually watch said movie.

The military has a term for what I suspect this gathering is going to turn into. I hope I'm wrong...but this is the lot of a planner trapped on a committee with non-planners. And really this post has no point, except for perhaps as a PSA for all you loosey goosey people out there who torment the organized with your lackadaisical attitudes about things. Please, have mercy on us.


Rachel said...

I can appreciate your feelings since I'm the same way :).

Anonymous said...

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