Some Wednesday Random

Because basically, I've got nothing.

  • I picked up book 3 in Nora Roberts' bride quartet - Savor the Moment (The Bride Quartet, Book 3)I'm stoked that it was out - but I thought the release date was in May. Either way, it's going on vacation with me, provided I don't finish it before we leave. 
  • I need to not finish it before we leave as I have a book to review for a blog tour sitting on my night stand unopened. The tour is supposed to be next week. And it's gonna be dry (I've tried to pick it up twice already.)
  • Just hung up the phone with my advisor (literally, just) and am now 100% committed to changing dissertation topics. On the one hand, yay for maybe having a shot at, you know, finishing. On the other hand, oy -- two years (actually a bit more than that) of work down the toilet.
  • I called my doctor and got my depression medication changed from generic to name brand because I just don't think the other is as effective. And really? It's starting to have an impact on my ability to cope. Especially with the high pollen (pollen kills my ability to cope already, stress on top of that and it's kind of crucial that my meds work.) 
  • It doesn't help that the kiddo has chosen now to declare emphatically that he is two, by golly, and he has a will and it is strong. 
  • The will is strong with this one.
  • Momma's been getting frustrated. And then feeling like a horrible mother because she is getting frustrated. Which is frustrating. And irrational. And I know everyone has days like that, but seriously, there have been a number of mental day trips to Australia lately.
  • We leave on vacation in 9 days. Woo!
  • Before that, we're having Jen and Beau and their kidlets over for dinner. Woo again!
  • Though I need to figure out what I'm serving. Every time I think "Oh! I'll make that." I get the "wah-wah" noise in my head as I remember that it involves cheese or some other dairy product (usually it's cheese though, cause, well, my name is Beth and I'm a cheese-a-holic). I honestly am not sure life would be worth living if I was lactose intolerant.
On that note, I'll leave you with a funny from a fabulous movie:


michellewillingham said...

At our house, it's all about distraction these days. Sometimes I can completely mess with my toddler's mind by randomly switching subjects--"Hey, do you like ice cream?" or "Look, see the bird!" and that will often cut off the "No!"s. And sometimes it doesn't work and I distract him with measuring spoons, wearing my shoes, whatever's handy. It's a rough age, but sometimes there are cute snuggle moments. :)

Jen said...

Re: the lactose intolerance. Well done on all fronts. Dinner was fabulous and we had a great time, as always. Thank you for having us.