In Which She Unearths the Sewing Machine

Owing to a combination of good prices on fabric and actually finding two patterns I think may be flattering, I am, for the first time since...prom (gosh...really? Yeah, I think so.) I am going to undertake to create for myself an article of clothing. A dress, to be exact. (Well, two dresses if you want to get all exact exact about it.)

Now, usually, as my sister will more than happily point out, I put something together and then try it on and roll my eyes and never wear said item of clothing because to me, it looks homemade. So I hereby promise, in public, that I will wear these two dresses at least two times without whining about how horrible they look. Not that I am saying ahead of time that they'll look horrible, I'm just saying I'm not going to whine.

Hopefully I can manage to make them such that this will not make me die a little inside.

Anyway, I really like the fabric so...fingers crossed. Expect to hear all the gory details and gnashing of teeth here.

Item one for your consideration:
Why is it that I can go into just about any clothing store out there and pick up an item in my current size (the same number at any store) and it fits, yet when I look at the measurements for said number on a pattern, my measurements correspond to two sizes up from that?

The fashion industry is just one big conspiracy to make women feel crappy about themselves.


Lynellen said...

Wearing said dresses twice inside the privacy of your own house does not count, btw. You must wear them in public in front of non-family members twice each.

beth said...

You're no fun.

Gwynne said...

I'm rooting for you. I eyed (say that without thinking about pirates ;-) my sewing machine and stack of fabrics (from the 70's? 80's?) with curiosity the other day. I used to make most of my own clothes, including my wedding dress, but that was back when smock-like garments were cool. No really, they were. ;-). The secret to not looking homemade is in the drape of the fabric. In addition to wearing them in public you must also post pictures on Facebook. Mandatory. :-)

beth said...

Wow. Talk about upping the ante. We'll see. :)

I do know about the smock-like garment, my mom was into those during that timeframe.