A Little Friday Random

I have various thoughts, not sure any of them are worthy of a full post, so...the dreaded bullet list:

  • I just got the word that I can now go ahead and start working on my official new idea paper (vs. the 5 page pre-idea paper that I'd been doing) for my restart of the PhD. The goal is to finish that quickly. Of course, I might finish more quickly if I was doing that right now instead of this, but...well...whatever.
  • I was looking back at my New Years Goals and laughing at myself. This is why I don't usually bother with telling people about them, if I get so far as to bother making them. Of the 4 set out there, the only one I'm on track with is #3. And that's slow going because I have to fight the demons of "you're not good enough to actually do this, why are you wasting your time." So, if I were to revise them (it being roughly half-way through the year) they would be as follows:
    • Give up and just say "twenty-ten" with everyone else. It's not a battle worth fighting and, ok fine, it's faster. Even if it sounds stupid.
    • I will finish my PhD by the end of the spring 2011 semester. And if I'm not finished at that point, I will just quit and remind myself that some very smart and wonderful people out there are ABD and really...there is more to life than throwing money down a never ending rat hole.
    • #3 remains unchanged...though I'm thisclose to actually committing to aim for the October deadline. Cause I'm actually really making progress there. We'll see what happens - even if not October, said WIP will get finished. Deep seated fear of rejection will continue to make it 900000 times harder than it should be.
    • I will achieve my specific weight loss goal, and there is teeny progress being made toward that end, but it's not going to be by my anniversary. On the other hand, I think I can get down to what I weighed on our 5 year anniversary by our 15 year anniversary in August, so...I'll take it. 
  • Tonight I am playing around with a menu from Ina Garten's Barefoot in Paris cookbook and I'm very jazzed. I'm hoping our company will enjoy it - but I'm also hoping I can adequately explain that I'm simply using them as an excuse to putter in the kitchen and not because I'm trying to show off or be all hoity toity about anything. I haven't actually felt inspired to putter in the kitchen for a while, so it's nice to just be in the mood to do so again and I'm carpe-ing the diem as Tim and I say.
And...three bullets and I think I'm done.

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