My Little Fishy

We are on our 7th of 8 swim lessons today and the kiddo is quite enamored of the pool. It's going to be a sad day of awakening to realize that we're not going to keep this up all summer long. I'd be tempted to enroll in another session, but every day is tough - it kind of kills much of the day, even if classes are only 45 minutes long.

Still, I suspect we can do much of the practicing in our little blow up pool outside. And we'll have to mooch off friends and family otherwise. I never really thought that I'd regret not looking specifically for a neighborhood with a pool when we moved here. But, well...maybe a tad.

On the other hand, we'll go from swimming this week to gymnastics on Monday - so it's not as if his life will turn into a veil of suffering. I would have to say that, overall, the kiddo's having a pretty awesome summer so far. And that is a good thing.

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Jen said...

Check for a PWC Park nearby. Beau takes Jesse to a public park pool. Of course, they go in the evening when it isn't as crowded.