Possibilities, Redux

This morning as I was chatting with my sister (as we tend to do most mornings, at least for a bit) she asked if we'd heard anything about another baby lately.

I said no and that I was just really focusing on remembering that I want it to be in God's time, not mine, no matter how antsy I get.

An hour later the attorney called. We'll be in a packet of several for a birthmother to consider tomorrow morning.

We'd appreciate your prayers - first that this is the baby God has for us, but second (and equally, if not more important, than the first) for this young lady as she works on her adoption plan - particularly that she'd be surrounded by people who are supportive of her incredibly selfless decision - no matter who she ends up choosing as the right forever family for her baby.


Rachel said...

I knew it hehe!

michellewillingham said...

Ohhh! Fingers crossed!

Gwynne said...

God's timing is amazing. Your heart is in the right place. Praying that the mother be guided by His hand and hoping that this might mean bringing a baby brother or sister home to Joshua real soon! :-)