Random Tuesday? Wednesday? What Day Was It Again?

I've been having a hard time keeping track of this week - it just feels like it should be going faster than it is. Or that it's going too fast and I'm slow. Or something. Regardless...a little of the random:

  • I turned in my new idea paper yesterday. Fingers crossed that it gets reviewed/approved quickly. 
  • I'm just starting on my proposal now anyway. I can worry about incorporating the feedback when it comes, but there's no sense in dawdling. I want to be done with this ridiculous degree.
  • I finally understand why PhDs don't laugh at the expansion of the acronym into "Piled Higher and Deeper" - it's really more about being the last man standing than anything you actually know or are capable of.
  • My friend is posting photos from her recent trip to Ireland and the UK and making me drool. It's been 5 years since our last jaunt to Ireland, and that is 4.5 years too many! 
  • We may do a little local vacation in September when school starts back up. I'm toying with hitting Boston and Newport, Rhode Island (I really, really, really want to get to Marble Row one of these days) - and taking the train up (which the doodle would love) but...there are all kinds of things within throwing distance of home that we haven't done either so...we may just do daytrips. Or we may end up not doing any of it. We'll see.
  • Either way I want to wait til schools are, generally, back in. No point in dealing with crowds if you don't have to.
  • I'm thinking I really want a Kindle. Except that the day after Woot got bought by Amazon they had them as the Woot and I moved too slowly but now I know Woot will have them again at some point and now I can't buy one straight from Amazon because, hello, $50 cheaper on Woot is worth waiting for. Right?
I warned you it was random.

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