They Joy of Guilt

So I am sitting in our hotel room (in the dark, because the kiddo is in bed - I'd say asleep, but I can hear him over there flipping his binky back and forth, so I know he's not actually sleeping - but he's getting there) and rather enjoying the fact that I am not at the rehearsal dinner but oh...oh how the guilt was laid on today!

"Oh, are you sure? I'm sure you could still get a sitter - just think what you're missing out on!"

But really, I don't actually think I'm missing out on all that much. It's a big dinner, outside in the heat and humidity, with tons of people who I got to sit and chat with plenty today in smaller groups...other than mosquito bites and heat stroke, what am I missing?

Sure, I guess I'm missing out on jokes and the experience of the whole thing, but, on the flip side, the doodle and I went to IHOP by ourselves and had a jolly time. Then we came back to the room and watched 30 (non-scary) minutes of Harry Potter #1, all the while giggling and saying "Harry Potter" in our silliest English accents with wide, rolling eyes. Then we read 6 books (4 more than his usual bedtime allotment) and snuggled during prayer time. And that is a memory I've made that I will cherish...sitting in the dark with a laptop for a few hours is a small price to pay for something so undeniably sweet that we would probably not have done if it was a regular night at home.

So am I missing out on some memories? Yeah, probably...but I'd make the same choice again in a heartbeat.

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