Weddings and Other Sundries

So Saturday we got all dressed up, including putting the kiddo back into his Easter suit (getting good mileage out of that purchase this year, woot!) and trucked off to the church for Tim's cousin's wedding. The church itself was a cute brick church from the late 1800s. Seeing as how the church was tiny, it was packed to the gunnels.

Since I asked to sit in the back row, not sure how the kiddo would do during the ceremony, I heard the wedding planner telling everyone that trickled in close to the start that she'd be locking the door when the ceremony started. I wasn't sure if that was because there was a possibility someone  would be running for it, or what, but it seemed odd. And as one of Tim's cousins hurried out just before they were to start with a little one who needed the bathroom, it ended up hosing them, as they ended up getting locked out. I still don't understand why they wouldn't just close the doors to the vestibule and leave the doors unlocked, but whatever.

Of course, this ended up hosing us, as well, because about three sentences into the little sermon just after the vows, Tim's uncle (the groom's dad and also one of the ministers who married us) got to how marriage let you "be naked and unashamed" and  I had to take the little one out since he was bound and determined to talk about his ring pop at the top of his lungs (I'd thought it would keep him happy and quiet. Happy yes. Quiet..most definitely not.) So I never really got to hear how he wove that into a marriage homily. I was glad that I had scripted him rather stringently for my wedding ceremony though.

So, we scooted into the vestibule, but as they left the doors open, we couldn't stay there. And we couldn't leave because the doors were locked. So we managed to sneak down the little set of stairs I found to two little rooms beneath the chapel. Not sure if they could hear us above, I tried to keep him quiet (and one other cousin and her 2 were there already, so quiet was harder than you'd think). And then, of course, he needed the bathroom.

There was no bathroom in this part of the church. To get to one, it was either walk down the main aisle and then out one of the cross arms (yeah, not so much) or go outside and around (see previous curiosity about locked doors). So...there were coffee cups. And he's a boy.  He thought it was great. This of course made the other 2 boys want to go in a coffee cup. So after some discussion, we opened one of the basement windows and the screen came off easily, so we set the cups outside on the sill to attend to when things were over.

After it was over, as we all filed out of the chapel, the wedding planner was standing at the door (weird) making sure that everyone knew they were not, under any circumstances, to linger at the church because *no one* and she meant no one was allowed to be present during the photos except the wedding party. So, the extended families on both sides who had hoped to do photos as well all trucked off to the hotel.

The reception was nice, though the room was too small for the number of tables they packed into it. The kiddo did well, hanging out happily until about 9:30 when he finally asked to go put on his jammies. So I took him up to bed, and he crashed about half-way through his change.

Tim wasn't far behind, though the party continued on for another hour or so.

We had brunch with the family the next morning before getting home.

I was able during naptimes to make good progress on my idea paper and should be submitting it this evening after my sister gets a chance to do a quick once over for me. So not only a fun weekend, but a productive one as well.

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