Weekend Fun

Saturday started out like a normal day. We were all hanging out watching cartoons in our jammies, then Tim decided he would go down and work on the playroom a bit and we were going to help, though I decided it might actually be more helpful if we helped by going out to run errands and left Tim to put up drywall in peace.

So, thinking that errands are always more fun with a friend, I called my sister. As it turned out, she also had errands, so we arranged to meet up and go together. Stop one was Babies R Us for a birthday present for a friend of the kiddo's. Stop two was to look at a house that my sister had found nearby that she had talked mom and dad into considering.

Now, mom and dad aren't that far away, but with traffic what it is, if they need help it is a slightly more difficult undertaking than it would be if they were closer.

We saw the house and it was nice but, well, to me I'm not sure it really makes sense for them to move from a house with 3 floors to another house with 3 floors and a lot of sunken rooms. Seems to me that if they're going to move, they ought to find a house that will work as they age and can't really do stairs anymore (assuming they reach the can't do stairs point in life, which may not happen.) So we then ended up looking at some of the new neighborhoods going in nearby and their main floor master floorplans, one of which was really quite delightful. Mom despised it. Plus she doesn't want a new neighborhood, she wants someplace with mature trees. And I can see that.

Anyway, on Sunday mom and dad came down to look at the first house we saw and they agreed that it's not even really as good as the house they're in now, plus it's seriously overpriced (though the realtor disagrees). So now I guess they're back to having no interest in moving, which for now I'm fine with. If they get to the point where they need us to be within 10 minutes, we can readdress the situation.

But I only really got that one errand taken care of.

So last night we went to a birthday party (just cake and ice cream) for a 3 year old. Do you want to know how many people were there? Take a guess? My thought has always been 1 friend for every year old (though I'm also not really sure that at 3 they need a "party", but ok, fine). There were 25 people there. Now yes, that includes adults. But there were about 12 kids zipping here and there - a few were older siblings who are friends with the birthday boy's siblings but all things considered, it was a circus. Also? It was at 6:30 p.m.  So we left after our gift was open to try and maintain some kind of bedtime schedule. (I had wanted to bail, but I bailed on her other 2 kids parties and this is the one who's closest in age to ours so..kinda felt like we needed to go. Of course, that was before I realized she'd invited her whole block.)

And then we came home, and the kiddo slept for 2 hours before starting to be up every hour. The third time he wanted to go potty, so I took him and that's when I realized he was burning up. Seriously on fire. So I went to where I thought we had our thermometer and it, of course, wasn't there. Had to turn on just about every light upstairs, waking Tim, of course, but finally found it. 103. Great. So we did the Tylenol and then I crawled into the big bed in his room with him so that he would sleep (and he mostly did, but you could tell even as he slept that he didn't feel well.)

So far this morning he's puked apple juice, kept down pedialyte and 4 saltines. He's begging for more crackers, but I'm going to make him wait another 30 minutes before dong that just to make sure he keeps them down. Or at least try to make sure. Not the start to the week I was hoping for.

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michellewillingham said...

Oh, poor kiddo! What a rough start to the week. Hope he feels better soon!