Hurry Up and Wait

At the end of June I got an email from my advisor saying "Hope you're working hard, we really have tight deadlines if we're going to get your study done like I need it to get done." So I wrote back that yes, I was working hard and set an (arbitrary) deadline that was aggressive and proceeded to work my butt off to meet it. Meet it I did, and so I shot the paper off to him on the 11th. I got an email back saying to post it to the site where my whole committee could view it. So I did that on the 12th (when I got the email.) And since then?


Apparently the hurry up part only applies to me. Now, granted, it's only been a week. But on the other hand, it's summer break, they're not currently teaching (summer term is over) and he was all "Hurry hurry". So I kind of expected to get a response in a few days.

Which leaves me wondering: How long do I wait before I follow up?

I've gone ahead and started working on the next step (the formal proposal) since it builds off the idea paper they're reviewing and I figure I can just work changes into both documents once I do get feedback and reduce time to submitting *that* for their perusal by doing so.

I don't really mind the hurry hurry on his end, cause I've got a timer on my end as well...finished or not, in May I'm done.

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