Blog Tour: Vanishing Act

I was excited when I got an email about Liz Johnson's second release, Vanishing Act. It didn't disappoint!

This is a tightly crafted mystery with rich characters and a fast paced plot that'll keep you flipping pages. My only complaint is that it ended too soon! I especially enjoyed the brief mention of Kenzie (from her first book) so that we got a little snippet of where she is down the road - I love when authors do that.

Vanishing Act tells the story of Nora James who is on the run from mob-type folks who tried to use her as leverage to keep her father from testifying against them and now are looking to tie up loose ends. FBI agent Nate Andersen is on a quest to find her and protect her.

This is a short (only 215 pages) and fast read, but every minute is delightful.

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