Art on the Cheap

When we went to the National Gallery with my aunt a few weeks ago, our last stop was a stroll through the gift shop. My eye was drawn immediately to the Arts and Crafts tiles they had on display. I wondered how we'd missed that exhibit, and the best we could come up with is that it was in town when my mom was in chemo as she's the most likely to notice what's coming into town. (I pay very little attention, which is pathetic, I realize, but honestly, I count on mom to tell me when something I would want to see is coming.) Browsing through the items for sale I fell in love with just about everything, but ended up only getting a book of 30 postcards featuring Motawi tiles.

The furniture in our bedroom is mission style and I've been going this way and that regarding art in there because of it. I have Monet prints that used to hang over our bed (before we had real furniture) and I just was never happy with how they looked. So, looking at the postcards, I had sudden inspiration. With a quick trip to Michaels for frames, I was in business.

And thus I present to you, the bedroom art:




Gwynne said...

Most awesome!!! I love, love, love the Arts and Crafts period. And what a creative way to turn postcards into beautiful wall pieces! I give you an A+

Lynellen said...

next thing you know, you'll be hosting a show on hgtv

beth said...

Gwynne, it's my favorite, too. :) I can't say I came up with the postcard idea, I know I read about it somewhere. But still, very happy with how it turned out.

Lynellen, heh. :)