The RSVP Is Dead (Long Live the RSVP?)

This Saturday, we are supposed to go out with our small group from church to a pumpkin patch in the evening. For the few of us with kids, that means lining up a sitter and so forth, and so I dutifully arranged for said sitter and put it on our calendar and on Sunday when we discussed it at church everyone was kind of "Oh, um, yeah." So we said, "We'll firm it up over email this week."

The email went out Sunday night. Yesterday I shot out another asking if we could get firm yesses from those actually planning on attending.

Radio silence ensues.

Frankly, I'm about ready to just cancel it. Number one, I'm not super gung ho about the idea to start off with. I'll go because it's what everyone wanted to do (or so they said) and ok, fine, it could be fun. But I don't do scary, really, so I'm not sure that a night time corn maze during Halloween is really my speed. Number two, I'm not one of these people who needs nights out with a sitter. Now, I get that it's good to schedule adults only things so that the couples in our small groups don't have to deal with other people's kids all the time - but when you combine the fact that it was a no-kid couple who had the idea for the pumpkin patch as a no-kid activity in the first place...wouldn't you think at least THEY would respond that yes, for sure, they are going?

When did actually responding to an invitation go out of vogue?

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