And A Little More Random

I know, I know!

  • I got my Droid Incredible on Thursday. Love. I haven't quite loaded it up with everything under the sun, but I'm working on it. And honestly, I thought I would spend more time plugged in because of it, but since it tells me when I have email, I spend less, cause if I haven't heard a ding, I don't need to look. It's almost freeing.
  • I am bummed that Words With Friends is not yet on Android. I wanna play scrabble with my sister and Gwynne! I guess that's one tick in the iPhone favor.
  • Blogging for Books has started back up - yay! More free books. My first choice is on its way. I'm stoked. Watch this space for new reviews soon.
  • I just (literally, just now) got an email saying that I have people on board for my study, the school's IRB has approved it. I am good to go. Fingers crossed, prayers said please people because OMG this might actually happen. I could actually finish this stupid thing! 
  • If I had a dollar for each time I've thought I was going to finish this PhD up til now and been wrong? I could totally pay the next semester's tuition. Easily.
  • My little boy is the sweetest little boy on the face of the Earth. It is almost 3 years ago to the day that we found out he'd be ours and I can not imagine life without him.
  • Speaking of the kiddo, he's started imagining siblings. It's sweet yet heartbreaking at the same time. I so want him to know what it is to have a younger sibling. (He still insists sister. But really, a brother is ok. Of course, I've been dreaming of twins. But I place that firmly on the shoulders of some friends of our who are due with twins any minute.)
  • I hereby promise to try and blog more frequently. I can't promise that I'll do more than try, but I'm going to try!

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