Looks like it's that time again!

  • The weather has been incredible the past couple of days. Fall is falling and I find myself wishing it could be like this all year. Is there anywhere in the world with a year-round average temp of 65? I want to move there.
  • There are developments with the PhD - I may actually be starting my study in January. We'll see what happens. Still many, many hoops to leap through before then, but they're underway. It helps that my advisor is now motivated to see me succeed...I'm just sad that it took him being torked at the dean to get there.
  • Every time I look at the doodle I swear he's taller. It's crazy.
  • We got a snail for the aquarium (to eat the algae) and he's freaking cool. I almost like the snail better than the fish. He's a black mystery snail. And I have no idea if he's really a he...but for our purposes he is. He is also named Zippy. Based on his activity, snails get a bum rap as far as speed perception.
  • We are studying Swindoll's Insights on Romans in Sunday school currently. It's fantastic and highly recommended.
  • I still adore my Kindle, though I am currently re-reading a few fluffy favorites in traditional book form.
  • I found some new jeans at Wal-Mart that fit great and are not cut weird or embellished strangely. They also are missing a letter at the end of the size. Woo! (If you don't know that the means, you have never been an overweight female. Trust me, it's a good thing.)
  • I got this great brainstorm that I would make cookie/candy gift bag type things for Tim's minions at work (since he has minions now, it's good to be a nice manager type person and feed the minions now and then). Now I have to follow through and am facing significant twitterpation about the whole thing - mostly because I can't decide what to include. Too many delicious choices!
  • Tim is in the habit of taking "The Week of Tim" around Thanksgiving (it maximizes days off while minimizing vacation days used). Other people at his office have started doing this as well...and they also refer to it as "The Week of Tim". Trendsetter.
  • In just a few short days I will switch out my phone to the HTC Incredible. It's not an iPhone, but it's close. And I don't have to use AT&T, which makes up for all the rest.


Gwynne said...

I told you Walmart is great for just plain old jeans! And congratulations on moving the PhD forward!! And on getting a smart phone!!!! You'll wonder why it took so long, especially with a toddler in the house (I don't know about you, but I can't find much time on a computer these days...of course, he knows how to use the phone better than I do). :-)

beth said...

Yep - I was pleased. It's been a while since I fit in WalMart jeans though :)

I'm looking forward to having games the kiddo can play on my phone. He loves his auntie's iPhone.